Today, Nintendo's Satoru Iwata addressed Japanese journalists for the latest Nintendo sales figures. Most importantly, he told us we should expect a release date and final pricing for Wii by September.

"Nintendo will announce the release date and price for its new family video-game console Wii by September, the company’s president said Wednesday."

Also during the speech Iwata dropped some more bombs about the DS and Wii, and more importantly their connectivity. You may remember that word from the whole GBA and GC "connectivity" that faded rather miserably.

After a rough fight with a translator, we managed to cipher that the DS touch screen will become a compatible controller for some Wii games. As speculated, the Wii will become a DS download station, for demos and such. Also, that certain DS games can be expanded via downloads on Wii.

This news comes pretty much as expected, all 3 points make sense and should work well. We'll be looking forward to Christmas morning and seeing our Wii LED flashing after Nintendo's delivery of presents. Top.