The show draws to a close, the last few gamers are being dragged away kicking and screaming as they realise there is another 364 days till the next E3 expo.

Nintendo however can feel proud, proud that even with a name like Wii they've done something impressive this E3. The gorgeously designed Nintendo booth was allegedly packed full from the moment the show opened to the moment it closed -- something Sony and Microsoft can't claim.

"On the second day of the exhibition, representatives for the Convention Center announced that the line to see Nintendo's Wii console, which zigzagged around corners and promised a wait time of more than four hours, had broken every E3 record." - Matt Casamassina, IGN.com

The Wii console has certainly disrupted things in the gaming press community, something I'm sure Nintendo had in mind. Yeah Metal Gear 4 looks amazing and so does Halo 3, but did you see Mario on Wii? Zelda on Wii? Now that is something amazing.

We've learnt quite a lot of practical things about the Wii, what to expect, how it works but not when we'll see it or how much its going to cost. When you think about it though, we already know its going to cost a lot less than the other consoles, so its only a minor detail.

We've also learnt quite a lot about the games we're going to be playing on Wii. We know that Zelda and Metroid Prime will be available on day 1, that's more than enough AAA titles for the first month!

Overall a good E3 for Nintendo, however I still feel they need to convince the average Joe Public that it's okay to play with Wii.

[via e3.nintendo.com]