Like any other week, there has been countless rumours about the name of Nintendo next console, we've even seen shots of a "Nintendo Go" logo floating around, which didn't seem to go anywhere. However, in an interview with IGN.com, Beth Llewelyn, Nintendo of America's senior director of public relations, gave us information that the name is definitely going to change.

IGN: Is Revolution the final name of your new system?
Beth: No, it's not.
IGN: So it's definitely a codename?
Beth: It's a codename.
IGN: And it's going to change?
Beth: It is going to change.

Very interesting. We're not totally sure why games developers such as Nintendo, create a huge hype around a codename and then change it at the last minute before product launch, surely that only damages your hyped brand name? What we do now expect is a change, according to Beth Revolution will have a different name at launch. Lets hope they've got something good up their sleeves. Nintendo Vista anyone?

In the same interview, Beth also explained that the Virtual Console may indeed double up as a platform for developers to create new content.

IGN: The Virtual Console is going to be home to hundreds of classic games, from the sound of it. But can we expect original games for it, too?
Beth: Yeah, and actually Mr. Iwata touched upon that briefly today - the system being a platform for developers to try out new content. So, certainly. We've been focused pretty heavily on the classic content and now bringing SEGA Genesis and TurboGrafx games, but it certainly will be a forum for bringing some new content.

Expect those SNES Development Kits to triple in price on eBay. You can read the entire article over at IGN.com -- but be warned, the generic answer is "We'll see at E3".

[via revolution.ign.com]