Nintendo tells us International Brain Awareness Week begins March 13th and apparently everyone is looking for the best way to exercise their brains. You could be forgiven for thinking your brain is already in good shape, in fact the amount of twists and turns that happen in a Nintendo week we're always trying to work out exactly whats going on!

Why should Nintendo care? Brain Training. The crazy-speed selling DS title will be launched into the US and Europe in the following month after the Brain Awareness Week.

Dr. Elizabeth Zelinski, dean and executive director of University of Southern California's Leonard Davis School of Gerontology, says games like Brain Age can help keep older generations of Americans' minds active. "Americans can do a great deal to maintain and even improve their mental abilities," Zelinski explains. "Aging is about taking on new challenges for our minds. Nintendo's Brain Age is a great way to do that."

No, the title isn't aimed specifically at Americans, just this press release.

"Americans of all ages are always looking for ways to get a mental edge and Brain Age acts as a treadmill for the mind."

Lets hope Nintendo ships around 250million copies of this game to the US, it really can't do any harm. What will Jack Thompson have to say about this? Oh wait, they've already sent him a copy.

[via nintendo.com]