Hasbro has today announced there agreement with Activision to bring a range of video games for the upcoming Transformers movie from Dreamworks / Paramount.

"The TRANSFORMERS brand has been one of the best-selling boys' action brands in a wide-range of categories, from toys to publishing to apparel, since its launch as a global property in 1984. Hasbro is currently gearing up to activate one of the Company's most ambitious worldwide marketing and merchandising programs yet to coincide with the live action movie in 2007."

Like myself, children of the 80's rejoice with the news of a live-action Transformers movie, if its anything like that Citroen advert, it'll kick ass. Lets hope the games live up to the brand name. Previous Transformers games haven't really been much to talk about.

With the movie not coming out for over a year, we feel its easy to rule it out for the Gamecube. Almost certainly a DS title will be made, but we're currently unsure on whether this title will come to Revolution.

[via activision.com]