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Rumours Surround European DS Lite Launch

Posted by Anthony Dickens

EuroGamer uncover some information surrounding the release of the new Nintendo DS in Europe.

After reports from serveral German retail outlets suggesting the DS Lite wouldn't ship until August in the European Union, sniffer dogs EuroGamer have information that says otherwise.

"Nintendo has declined to address online reports that DS Lite will launch in Europe on August 16th priced EUR 129.99, but a UK retail source speaking to Eurogamer told us we can expect to see it sooner than that."

Obviously this is unconfirmed, but retailers oftern have the insight into these things. Remember it was that pointed out the original concept of a redesigned DS.

Of course we'll keep you updated as we get more news on the DS Lite.


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Masterless said:

I hope its sooner than August, well I hope it comes out now. Because I don't own a DS and I want the lite one instead. The price ^ converts to 88.82 GBP, not a bad price considering it will be new and the original will phased out.



antdickens said:

Yeah, now they've said that the old one will be phased out, I imagine the DS Lite must be priced around the same as the current DS.

No doubt the few months prior to the new one being launched the price of the original DS will drop dramatically.

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