Nintendo tease us, yet again, with some little bite-size slices of Twilight Princess information. Nintendo Power recently interviewed the game's character designer, Yoshiyuki Oyama, which has been transcribed by TheHylia.com.

"Finally, no discussion of Twilight Princess's enemies can end without mentioning Ganon. I know that everyone's wondering what's going on with Link's old nemesis. All I can say now is, we're preparing more than you could possibly ever, ever, ever expect..."

Ganon you say Mr Oyama? That master of evil is upto his old tricks I see -- or even new tricks, if we believe Yoshiyuki's claim.

"How will my monsters ensure that Twilight Princess is the greatest Zelda game ever? Wait and see. You won't be disappointed."

We also read that boss battles, you know, hit them 3 times and they die, are set to be improved. We can only hope Oyama is correct, after all he should know.

We really want to play this game, c'mon Nintendo, early post E3 release date please.

[via computerandvideogames.com]