The Japanese giants are going full force into the interactive gaming experience, first with the DS, then the Revolution controller, followed by interest in VR headsets and now interactive floor vision!

It seems late last year Nintendo secured the "Nintendo Floor Vision" name through the Japanese patent department. This allows Nintendo to use the name officially and maybe launch a product in future.

A demo of the concept was shown at E3 last year, there is a video demonstrating this technology on Wimp.com. It shows people walking across the screen with the touch sensitive press points reacting accordingly.

GameShout.com have also reported that Nintendo have registered the address of NintendoFloorVision.com - On closer Whois inspection the domain is actually registered to one Andrew Mackie. We're not entirely sure who this guy is, so we wouldn't like to say if hes acting on behalf of Nintendo and could be a domain squatter.

[via wimp.com]