Alfred Hermida, Technology Editor of the BBC News website has today posted a report on his thoughts for the coming year. The article covers the 3 main companies, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo and they're different approaches into the console market.

"The expectation that it is going to be a big clumsy but the moment you start using it, it is extremely precise," said Ms Robertson who recently tried a technical demonstration of the system. "It has that slight hint of magic as you point your hand at the screen and what you want to happen, happens."

The article goes on to quote EA's John Schappert talking about his experience with the revolution controller.

"We've got hands on with the Revolution and, sure enough, the controller is revolutionary. It is a control device unlike anything else we have played before."

It's good to see the BBC being fair to Nintendo as other publications have already written off the Japanese giants. However, it does seem to place the Nintendo tidbits at the bottom of the well portioned article.

[via news.bbc.co.uk]