Paint Splash (WiiWare)

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Paint Splash turns your TV into an interactive canvas where kids of all ages can enjoy painting using the Wii Remote.

Up to four people can paint at the same time so the entire family can participate in creating fantastic paintings using just your Wii Remotes. When you're done painting you can save your images onto your SD Card.

  • Turn your TV into an interactive canvas
  • Up to four people can paint simultaneously
  • Save images to your SD card

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Posted by Zach Kaplan

A blast, easel-y

Painting is a lot of fun, and as it happens, it's even more fun with a group. Why it's taken so long for a game studio to realise this is beyond us – and it was beyond the man behind Paint Splash and father of three, Uffe Flarup, as well. That's why he...

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Capt_N said:

If this is good, I might d/l it w/ points I have from my birthday.

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