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Do you like music? Then it’s time to feel the groove with Just JAM!

Pick up that Wii Remote and get ready to mix, match and lay down your own tunes. Move it, shake it and rock the house as you are in control of the entire band. Just JAM offers a live music experience featuring your favourite genres and cool artists, including pop, rock, techno, alternative and hip-hop tracks to get you on your feet.

Just JAM was created to get everyone immediately playing with live music. There is nothing quite like Just JAM; at the snap of the Wii Remote you launch a guitar riff, a drum beat, or maybe some sound effects and vocals. Perform in the living room and show off your skills or simple kick back and relax to millions of musical combinations!

It's time to turn it up and make some serious noise!

Just JAM Features:

  • 16 Music Tracks (Jams)
  • 6 Dynamic Venues flowing to your tune
  • Play with the Mixing board or go Freestyle
  • Save, Edit and Remix Your Performance
  • Multiple Profiles
  • Share your performance with a friend saving on your Wii Remote
  • Gain Experience Points and unlock more musical power
  • Additional Downloadable Jams

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

Your own personal mixing board

Although the music/rhythm genre has fizzled a bit recently, we are still seeing a few releases here and there. And while Just JAM is nowhere nearly as deep or engaging as a Guitar Hero or Rock Band title, it does put quite a bit of musical direction in...

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The next batch of Just JAM DLC premieres, with "Funkytown" by Lipps Inc. for 200 Wii Points, "Running with the Wolves" by Cloud Cult for 100

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