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One day Professor “H”, a world-renowned expert on Easter Island, received a strange letter from the capital city Hanga Roa.

It was a cry for help from somebody unknown and said that something bad was happening on the island. Without hesitation, Professor "H" rushed to the island - together with his assistant Joel and his granddaughter Ivie - where many puzzles, mysteries and quests awaited them. Can you help Professor "H" reveal the greatest secret of Easter Island?

  • More than 40 levels spread all over Easter Island
  • Tons of different board shapes
  • Intriguing story about the mysteries of Easter Island

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Posted by Dom Liddle

You cannot do that!

Jewel Keepers: Easter Island owes a debt to Bejeweled, falling within the range of 'match three' games which have sprung up over the last few years. Popcap's game had been around for a while but became a huge success on ITunes and Facebook, creating...

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Sneaker13 said:

The controls absolutely suck, but it's a nice game with a good presentation. But I don't think there is much else to do after beating all 40 levels. Free play seems kinda pointless at the moment.

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