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Cricket Challenge is an arcade style sports game that gives you a fun filled experience while playing as a batsman in a street version of cricket.

Using the Wii Remote as a real cricket bat you can swing and control all the actions of a batsman to make him play strokes, hit boundaries, slog sixes and try a variety of other shots.

The game is set-up in a playground surrounded by an urban environment with buildings, apartments and a lush green outfield giving a casual feel to the game.

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Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Cricket hits the streets! Uh, sort of…

When the Nintendo Wii and the Wii Remote were unveiled, a lot of sporty gamers thought of one thing: Wii Cricket. Unfortunately, despite online petitions and campaigns in the system's early years, the perfect cricket experience on the console hasn't been...

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sohail said:

i`ve download this game on my Wii console really brill if u lose a wicket look at bottom of your TV there will be a duck walking with a sad face u can download. It from the wii shop channel when it is downloading there`s 3/three blocks from Mario bros. and mario running when all 3/three blocks are a diffrent colour download complete.

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