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You are hopelessly outnumbered and have no choice but to fight and win.

Just you, your guns and the thin stretch of Blood Beach stand between you and the entire Japanese Imperial Navy.

You have an impressive arsenal of weapons, including the M2 BMG, 40mm M1 and, of course, your Thompson SMG. But the Imperial Japanese Navy will hit you with everything they can muster – “Zeros,” “Bettys” and even Takao-class battleships – in their methodical and relentless push to recapture the Solomon Islands. High scores can be saved for Easy, Normal and Hard levels of difficulty.

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Posted by James Newton

Total misfire

Usually when a game is released with so little marketing it's enough to raise suspicions about its quality, but enough excellent WiiWare titles have emerged seemingly from nowhere over the years to make us reconsider those age-old presumptions. Then along...

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edofthe209 said:

Aww, I was hoping this would have something to do with the Groovy Ghoulies song of the same name. Sad story. Anyway, I wonder what this game has to offer that Beachhead didn't already do 10 years ago.

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