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Start your engines! TNT Racers is a fun multiplayer game combining fast and exciting racing action with extra brand new features.

The Shadow Race feature lets every player stay in the race even if a driver is clearly being outdriven. But the best things are the cool pick-ups which can ultimately decide if you win or lose. The exclusive "Nitro Machines Edition" features some unreleased content, including brand new cars, additional tracks, compelling challenges and game modes. Upload your high score and compare with your friends in the online rankings. Be careful with this explosive mixture – it is highly addictive.

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Posted by Andy Green

An explosive racer with a twist

TNT Racers: Nitro Machines Edition may feature vehicles, courses and chequered flags, but it’s not your typical racing game. Instead of getting to the finish line first, this one is all about getting to the finish line full stop, as you focus on...

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Baby-girl said:

Not happy with it can't play it because the controller and wii u pad won't move the cars we set all up and no go

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