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Monkey Pirates is a navy combat game in different sea environments in which you personify the Monkey Captain of a Pirate’s ship.

Your goal is to sink opposing ships in order to seize the maximum amount of bananas from those freighters.

To be successful you have to improve your sailing skills. At first you must learn to handle strong winds and keep the course finding your way while taking speed. You’ll soon become an expert in braking and controlled skidding.

You then must acquire the naval art of combat:

  • How to throw cannonballs front and side ways while aiming at your opponents to destroy them.
  • How to collect the bonus and use them in due time to improve the performance of your ship or to get stronger weapons.
  • How to discover with the special bonus other consequences, all of them surprising and unexpected.
  • To become a Master of the Sea, you’ll have to improve your game tactics. Choose and select your play from one of nine environments offered combined with one of the three different types of possible games. As a smart strategist you’ll select one of the four Captain Monkeys choosing his character and then award him one of eleven special advantages.
  • It’s up to you to create the best and most efficient scheme adapted to the chosen play.

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Posted by Martin Watts

Banana boat

Despite all the doom and gloom that currently — and unfairly — surrounds the Wii U at the moment, it hasn't stopped indie developers from flocking to the system to release their games. Moreover, a good proportion of developers have even designed their...

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