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Abyss (Wii U eShop)

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Earth, 3024.

Natural resources are scarce and the survival of the human race is in danger. Desperate to find new energy resources, the ASAN creates Nep2no: a biomechanical robot capable of withstanding extreme depths in the hope of finding new energy sources.

After many years of exploration, a new energy source is found: codenamed 'Gaia'.

Your mission will be to find the 'Gaia' energy stones by exploring the depths. To do so, you must control Nep2no by counteracting gravity and the surrounding darkness with the aid of a light – however, that light goes out little by little...

New features:

  • 12 Original missions plus 8 in Dark mode.
  • Competitive two-player mode.
  • New Graphic Effects and remixed Music.
  • Off-TV Mode

Game Review


USA USA Version

Posted by Jake Shapiro

We all live in a cyclops submarine

Abyss is perhaps exactly the sort of game the Wii U eShop needs in greater numbers: adventurous little indie titles with strong artistic vision and a focus on core game mechanics. With a budget price tag, you can't afford not to try out Barcelona studio...

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Goomba said:

I'm going to get this one definitely! It reminds me of a game called subterrania.

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