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It’s winter fun all year round as We Ski allows up to four skiers to enjoy a huge mountain resort with more than a dozen runs from the bunny slopes to the most challenging Black Diamonds. Not only can players shred through the trails using the motion-based controls, but they can also mix in the Wii Balance Board for a whole new level of realism. Players can even ski using their own Mii™ or create customizable characters that can be outfitted with different attire, poles, goggles and costumes.

The thrill doesn’t stop there, as a host of other activities will be available to enjoy including races, slaloms, moguls, freestyle challenges, ski school, and more! Players can even try their hand at night skiing while enjoying the spectrum of fireworks that color the sky.

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Posted by Anthony Dickens

Namco invite us all to Happy Ski mountain for a spot of skiing, Wii style.

We Ski appears speedily from over the cliff face just as Nintendo release Wii Fit with the now infamous Balance Board, which can, and should, be used whilst playing We Ski.At first glance We Ski might sound like just another skiing game with bolted on...

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