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TRON: Evolution - Battle Grids for Nintendo Wii is an action-packed game set in the combat arenas and cities of the TRON universe.

Battle, race, and play combat games to become the ultimate Grid Games Champion as you experience the world of TRON in the game inspired by the highly anticipated film, “TRON: Legacy.”

Key Features

  • Grid Games – Play thrilling TRON inspired arcade games including Light Cycle Racing, Light Disc Battles, Light Runner Combat, and Hyperball!
  • Championship Mode – Create your own customized party mode and battle for the ultimate prize.
  • Story Mode – Explore a unique story mode on your quest to become the Grid champion.
  • Multiplayer – Compete against your family and friends in up to four-player local multiplayer events on the same Wii.
  • Character Evolution – Create and customize your own TRON program and become a legend on the Game Grid!

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KrazyKain said:

big tron fan, hoping this game delivers

hell, if I get something remotely like gltron (google it) on the wii with online multiplayer... I'll be happy



LuWiiGi said:

Movies and games? Not a good combination. Still, admittedly it does look awesome. I'm annoyed that we don't get the same version as the XBOX360 and PS3 though.



Shiryu said:

It's out, 1 day earlier over here, but sadly, My purchase is still en route. =)



edofthe209 said:

After watching the vids for this and for the HD version, I honestly think this looks a lot more fun. The light cycles in this look spot on, whereas the HD ones look sluggish and, well, boring. Battle Grids seems to have more of the old school TRON feel to it, which I'm really digging.

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