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Created by Sonic Team in Japan, this innovative game takes Sonic into a medieval world and arms him with a sword to aid in his effort to save the day.

Sonic and the Black Knight will provide Sonic fans with an irresistible cast of characters and teach them all what it takes to be a true hero and the ultimate knight. With a series of missions taking place in stunning Arthurian-inspired locations, Sonic and the Black Knight promises to offer a fast-paced adventure that gamers of all ages will enjoy.

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Posted by James Newton

Hardly the stuff of legend.

Describing Sonic’s early career to young gamers is like discussing dinosaurs, it’s been so long since he was the golden boy of video games whose cheeky blue mug was a bringer of joy in the early Nineties. Since then each new game is touted as a...

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SEGA gear up for the next Sonic and the ... game with Black Knight, it's looking rather fast n furious, better than Unleashed?

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I used to have this game. Its not as bad as the reviewers make out; but the sword play really slows down your momentum. Very un-Sonic in that respect. My lad and I still enjoyed it up to a point and put in a fair few hours before selling it on in the pre-Xmas cul. Not as good as Secret Rings imho.



Nickno said:

Sonic Unleashed's Warehog stages are funner than this entire game. :P



Mune said:

This game looks awesome!!! I'm definitely getting this game on Wii

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