Rock Band 2 (Wii)

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Rock Band 2 revolutionizes music gaming with the ability to export most of the songs from the original Rock Band disc , Online World Tour, daily Battle-Of-The Band Tournaments, No Fail Mode, and a real Drum Trainer. Rock Band 2’s massive list of innovations also includes the ability to export your in-game band avatar to the internet and order custom Rock Band merchandise including apparel and figures.

Rock Band 2 features the largest music catalogue of any music-based videogame to date with more than 100 songs on the Rock Band 2 soundtrack and an unrivaled blend of classic and new artists including AC/DC, Guns ‘N Roses, Bob Dylan, Pearl Jam, Motorhead and more!

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Dancy said:

I love Rock Band 2 but I am still confused on how to get the extra songs that were promised? :(



Shmavey said:

To get the free songs, first you need to go to the music store, and the free songs are mixed in with all the Dlc, but the way you tell them apart is the 20 free ones are listed as 0 wii points under the price.

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