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It’s a totally authentic pinball experience – capturing all the sights and sounds of the real arcade game. The game control system has been reinvented to take advantage of the amazing control system offered by the Wiii. Utilising the unique WiiMote and Nunchuck controllers, Gottlieb Pinball Classics players can shoot balls as normal while tilting the table with the motion-sensing controller.

The game is officially licensed by Gottlieb® the world-famous maker of pinball tables and features eleven of the greatest tables made by the prestigious manufacturer. Every table features authentic pinball table mechanics, designs, graphics and sounds.

There are six different camera angles to play from and a multi-player tournament with up-to four players competing with each other. Lots of un-lockable extras including hidden tables ensure that Gottlieb Pinball Classics is the most-accurate pinball game ever!

Managing Director, Mark Cale, commented, “We have a reputation for great pinball games so it was important that we ensured that the Wii version was not another ‘port’. We’ve further enhanced the control system to utilise the unique features of the Wii and I’m proud of the great job we’ve done with Gottlieb Pinball Classics.”

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Posted by Andy Govan

Wii's first Pinball title, does it actually contain anything unique or is it just another port?

Being a pinball-head meant a key Wii launch game for me was Gottlieb Pinball Classics. The game received only moderate coverage in both print and online media, it was simply eclipsed by the likes of Zelda and Red Steel. However, as I will go on to discuss...

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woogoob said:

Can someone please tell me if this game will ever be released for the US? If so, when?

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