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Candy Land is under attack! This once sweet and tasty land has been taken over by hordes of snapping Cup Cakes, Angry Bees and Jelly Monsters and only one thing can stop this evil army of monster cakes.

He’s one tough cookie; a guy that won’t crumble under the pressure...... ‘Ninjabread Man’ is here!

  • Use the Wii control system in a fun and interactive way. Throw Ninja stars to stun enemies and then follow up with Ninjabread Man’s mighty samurai sword. Whatever direction you swing, so will Ninjabrad Man.
  • Learn advanced Ninja fighting techniques and build up your weapon store to reduce enemies into a quivering pool of Raspberry Jam.
  • Each level is filled with enemies bent on the pursuit of power! Some of them can fly or shoot from a distance. Some can move very fast while others lie secretly in waiting and when Ninjabread man comes near, they spring into action and attack mercilessly.
  • Strange and dangerous levels with something new to discover around every corner.
  • Replay levels in various different modes of play, collecting hidden objects and racing against the clock to unlock a variety of challenges. You’ll be sure to be facing some unexpected hazard along the route.

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Posted by Anthony Dickens

Ninjabread Man brings some much needed platforming action to our Wii's, but is it any good?

With a name like Ninjabread Man, it was hard to ignore this one. Just look at our hero, its a Gingerbread man that can do Ninja stuff- you don't get much cooler than that.I was a little nervous of what Ninjabread Man would be like- after all it is from a...

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Some footage of this god awful game.

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Poketendo said:

Well, Data Design interactive, thanks for ruining childrens dreams and hopes. What where those quality assurance members doing? Did they fill in the wrong paper? ''This game, new super mario bros is great! lets fill it in!'' 10 hours later. ''here you go mailman. wait... NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!'' Nintendo should call back their quality assurance RIGHT NOW!!!

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