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As a fantasy jester called NiGHTS, players will fly through Nightopia, a rich and vibrant world where dreams come to life.

With the innovative Wii Remote, gamers will experience a heightened sense of gliding, spiraling, and looping through seven mystical dream worlds packed with high-flying adventure. Players must find inventive ways to confront the “Nightmarens” from the neighboring dark world of Nightmare using amazing acrobatic skills, freedom of flight, and other special abilities to protect Nightopia. NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams is an adventure filled with courage, hope and inspiration that the whole family will enjoy this holiday season.

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Posted by Anthony Dickens

Ah NiGHTS.. you're finally here, it's been a long time coming, so how does it measure up?

Journey of dreams, the sequel SEGA Saturn fanboys have been waiting 10 years for, after all those rumours its finally here, but was it ever going to live up to the cult following surrounding the original, NiGHTS Into Dreams?Our hero is NiGHTS, a...

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Maskeraid said:

I started playing this, and after the first boss I was ready to quit, then I played the second world and was ready to kill somebody, but at the third world, I realized this isn't so bad. Not great, but not bad. The fourth world blew my expectations out of the water though, it was so great.

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