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Pikmin just got a bit more perfect! Whether you are a Pikmin fan or have yet to be bewitched by its charms, NEW PLAY CONTROL! Pikmin now makes full use of the Wii Remote’s point-and-select capability, which will delight anyone who enjoys a real-time strategy adventure.

You control a spaceman called Captain Olimar who has crash-landed on an unusual planet. The planet is inhabited by Pikmin - strange flower-like creatures that are half-animal, half-plant – as well as a variety of hostile creatures who will try and stop you in your mission. Captain Olimar must collect 30 sections of his crashed vessel which have been scattered across the planet to reassemble his ship and continue his galactic quest: luckily the obliging Pikmin are there to help him.

Each type of Pikmin has unique strengths, which Olimar must use to his advantage. Red Pikmin can withstand high temperatures, blue Pikmin can survive in water, while yellow Pikmin can destroy obstacles by using bomb-rocks. Players can control 100 Pikmin at any one time organising them individually, in groups, or in an army of 100 – and the Wii Remote makes selecting, grouping and giving orders to your Pikmin more fluid and more intuitive than ever before making it more accessible to all levels of players.

The NEW PLAY CONTROL! version of the game also sees an updated save mechanism, which now allows you to restart play from any day you please – perfect for retrying a particularly puzzling challenge! Pikmin will keep your brain burning for hours as you race against time solving puzzles and battling foes with an army of cute and loveable creatures to help you.

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Posted by Thomas Bowskill

The first wave of the ‘New Play Control!’ series is upon us- the classic Pikmin!

Pikmin has been, and always will be, one of those games that make me smile- there is something so very… charming about its concept: You play as Captain Olimar, a space pilot marooned on a strange planet. Upon atmospheric entry, his ship’s parts were...

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Pawtrick said:

Just picked this up, I'm having fun trying to beat it in the fewest days as possible...



Mazinger76 said:

Play Control Pikmin is HORRIBLE! the Wii controllers are God Awful! It doesn't even compare to the great Game Cube controllers! Waht the hell are you people at Nintendo thinking?! My girlfriend bought me the Play Control Pikmin 1 when it came out because she knows I am a rabid Pikmin fan and I was disgusted at how bad it was! Good thing I didn't buy a Wii. Lucky she had one to play it on. If there are any smart people in Nintendo left, make a new controller or allow the old school controller to be used for Pikmin 3!!!!



MattyKy said:

Mazinger, you are crazy. The new Play Control Pikmin is PERFECT for Wii. It's so much easier to guide your stuff around. I don't think you gave it a good enough chance. Play it again, and you'll see Now.. heres hoping they do the same for P 2



nintendogamer48 said:

it is ok. it is very and i mean very hard to get use to the new control! but after awhile you get used to it. i beat it and now im playing pikmin2 new play control. pikmin really is the best game series in the whole history of video games.keep the good ideas coming nintendo!

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