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Let’s Tap, a game that is blazing new ground in Nintendo Wii control design.

Developed by Prope, the studio that Sonic the Hedgehog creator Yuji Naka established in 2006, Let’s Tap is the first product from the new studio to be released to in North America and Europe. Developed exclusively for Nintendo’s Wii system, Let’s Tap utilizes a ground-breaking control scheme where the Wii controller is placed on a box or flat surface so that the controller can detect minute vibrations. Players of all ages and skill levels then tap the box or flat surface to interact with the game; there’s no need to hold the controller.

Featuring five separate game modes with multiple levels and allowing up to four players for multiplayer action, Let’s Tap presents an assortment of different finger-tapping challenges for players to master. In Tap Runner players use differing finger tapping pressure to make simple stick figure racers run through an obstacle course. In Visualizer players are allowed to create dazzling fireworks effects, dramatic paint strokes, amongst other effect as they tap out different rhythm patterns that correspond to different effects. Silent Blocks finds players taking turns removing blocks from a large stack, tapping too hard will result in a collapsing stack of blocks. Bubble Voyager allows players to fly through space, blasting obstacles and enemies in order to reach the far stretches of the universe. And finally Rhythm Tap allows players to time the taps of their fingers to high energy music.

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Posted by James Newton

Definitely a tap you'll want to leave running

Miyamoto might not see the appeal in playing a game without holding a controller, but ex-Sega genius Yuji Naka can certainly think outside the box – or, more accurately, think on top of the box.For his first game since leaving Sega five years ago, Naka...

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SEGA go crazy with "Let's Tap" a new craze to come out of a Japanese mind, it's Wii with added tapping.

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Could be a big hit if the controls work. The Japanese import reviews and previews suggest the controls do work, GENERALLY speaking.



NintendoFreak said:

you know, it kinda bothers me that the wii can't live without the wiimote...i mean like wii fit, u shouldnt have to use the wiimote should you and gamecube games too! why cant we control the wii with a gamecube controller? jheez! say if when ur tapping hand slightly touches the wiimote then it flies off....you know what i mean! if any of u have played donkey konga then ull realise how ferocious these kind of things end up...and i bet if ur wiimote is not perfectly straight the product will fail! one slight lean to the left and its game over! just like the nunchuk and its "default control settings"...so frikkin annoying!

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