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Become a pilot of a WWII aircraft.

Fight the Luftwaffe during the battle of Britain, or take part in the counterstrike against the Japanese navy over the Pacific. Feel the freedom of flying, and the tension of air combat in this innovative, arcade style game!

Combat Wings recreates the most interesting battles of WWII. The player can fight in different theaters of war, flying actual historical planes: Spitfire, P-51 Mustang, and many others. Combat Wings is the pinnacle of good air combat!

  • Dynamic air combat in historical WWII theatres
  • Historical WWII planes, including the Spitfire and P-51 Mustang
  • Addictive multiplayer Deathmatch
  • Diversified missions
  • High-end graphics recreating the most interesting battles of WWII

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News: Combat Wings Readying a Wii Air Raid in September

Combat Wings Readying a Wii Air Raid in September

Will it bomb?

City Interactive's arcade dogfight game Combat Wings is approaching the Wii runway later this year, and the latest screenshots of the game don't look too shabby. The game was originally due for release last year but was delayed to make way for a release on other formats including PlayStation Move. Hopefully its arcade gameplay will help it stand out in the field of Wii dogfighting..

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