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Find the Clues, Solve the Crimes

A series of unsolvable crimes, dubbed “The Vanishing Files”, have paralyzed Arcadia City. The police turn to crime novelist Cate West, whose psychic visions might just be the key to solving the mystery. Help Cate find clues, compile evidence and track down hideouts to discover the link between these crimes and an unsolved mystery from Cate’s past!

15 Mysterious Chapters: Discover over 1,000 clues in 57 unique scenes; solve the riddles and a compelling mystery with shocking twists and turns!

5 Investigation Types: Different crime scenes call for different techniques. Find clues, find evidence pieces and spot the difference between similar visions of the crime scene. Use everything you’ve learned to identify the criminal then recreate the crime scenes in court and put them away!

Quick Play mode: completed scenes become unlocked for Quick Play mode. Jump to your favourite crime scene and see if you can top your best score!

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Posted by Kim Wild

An enjoyable way to make time disappear

While adventure games are becoming more and more popular over recent years, there has been a new entrance to the arena: the Hidden Object Game. This new breed has inundated the PC with numerous variations on the theme, taking place in fairgrounds, lost...

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