Gal Metal

Gal Metal

Nintendo Switch


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Music, Party
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Nintendo Switch

  • 8th Feb 2018 (JPN)

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    It's tempting (if not inevitable) to start this review with an anecdote about that infamous E3 (which will be a decade ago by the time this year's event rolls around), and in particular, the oblivious flailing exploits of one Ravi the drummer. While maestro Tak Fujii's own meme-farming antics over the years live long in seasoned gamers...

About The Game

Gal Metalis a drum and rhythm game where characters perform on stage. Unlike other rhythm games, where musical notes fly onto the screen, there are no musical notes inGal Metal.Gal Metalis a completely new type of music game where players can freely construct their own rhythm to put on a performance. You swing the Joy-Cons to strike the drums as if you are playing air drums. The music genre is heavy metal. The scenario is written by Shuuhou Imai, and the manga scenes are illustrated by Toshinao Aoki.

  • Metal Power - In order to save the planet, you must fight against alien invaders using metal power, which the aliens are weak against. You can build up metal power by playing heavier metal
  • Use of Joy-Cons - Put on a metal performance by swinging around the left and right Joy-Cons! When swinging the left Joy-Con, the snare drum will sound. When swinging both Joy-Cons, the cymbal will sound. When swinging the right Joy-Con, the kick drum will sound
  • Rhythm Pattern - Freely combine rhythm patterns to put on a performance. Practice and learn a rhythm pattern. There are various patterns, from simple patterns to more difficult patterns. They are easy for beginners to get into, as well as loaded with challenging elements that even advanced users can enjoy!