(GBC / Game Boy Color)

Wario Land II (GBC / Game Boy Color)

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Wario slept soundly every night, knowing his precious treasure was safely locked away... That was until the Black Sugar Gang broke in and pinched the lot!

Help Wario recover his riches in this classic, comical platformer. Wario can't be hurt, but certain enemy attacks will have weird effects on his body, transforming him into new guises such as flaming Hot Wario or Zombie Wario – each with unique abilities.

Solve puzzles, play minigames, and look for hidden exits that lead to more treasure and even different game endings.

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Greed is good

After the success of the first Wario Land, Nintendo decided to take another shot at putting its beloved new anti-hero in the spotlight. To differentiate it from Mario even further, it removed the "Super Mario Land" prefix and also made a massive gameplay...

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19th July 2012 (Europe)

Wario, revenge, flipping and learning

The details for this week's Nintendo Download in Europe are out with 3DS, Wii and DSi all getting some love, as well as the long-awaited return of a favourite edutainment series. Let's get to it. 3DS Virtual Console: Wario Land II (Game Boy Color, Nintendo, £4.50/€5) — While Wario's first appearance on...

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GamerZack87 said:

I remember playing this game a lot. In fact, I played it on the morning of my 14th birthday between 4AM and when my parents brought out my gifts (a shiny new GBA and Mario Kart SC). I continued to play it for a while after that...ah, memories.




One game I never really got the chance to play to be honest. I hope to correct that mistake next week when this game gets released in the eShop.

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