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Super Mario Bros. Deluxe (Game Boy Color)

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This souped-up version of the all-time classic was a big hit on Game Boy Color. Super Mario Bros.

Deluxe features all 32 original levels from the 1985 classic, plus a whole lot more! In Challenge mode, revisit classic levels and collect special red coins and Yoshi eggs to beat the high score. Or race against a familiar foe through eight special courses in You Vs Boo mode! There are even challenging secret levels to be discovered, for a true test of your Super Mario Bros. skills!

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Super Small Screen Bros.

Especially in recent years, we've seen Super Mario Bros. re-released a ton, but back in 1999 it had been a number of years since the last release, Super Mario All-Stars. As such, Nintendo decided to port the original game to Game Boy Color and add some...

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pntjr said:

I wanted it to be on the GBC VC, but now that us ambassadors got it for free, i'm not so sure.



Johnny12 said:

Luckily there is a promotion from Nintendo on the 3ds from the 10th of December 2013 to 7th January 2014



T-bender said:

I played the game on an official GBC in the Old School period...
Man, it was tricky if you finished the game and played the lost levels...



Yellowkoopa said:

A good remake of the original SMB. Too bad for the 3DS release Nintendo being lazy with the VC they didn't bother to make the VS mode work.

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