(GBC / Game Boy Color)

Mario Tennis (GBC / Game Boy Color)

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The Game Boy Color version of Mario Tennis is a winning mix of court action and RPG.

Train your character from novice to pro as you rise through the ranks of the Royal Tennis Academy, before taking on the champion himself: Mario! Build up your skills in Mario Tour career mode, jump right into the action with exhibition matches and relax with minigames while playing as Luigi, Donkey Kong and more. There is even a dictionary to help you brush up on your tennis terminology!

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Posted by Tim Latshaw

Courts of Appeal

For whatever its name is worth, Mario Tennis doesn’t feature a lot of the red guy — at least at first. That may come as an initial disappointment to some who were drawn to the M-word. Now if you came for the “tennis” part, well, that’s a whole...

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2Sang said:

Can't wait to give this a shot. If it's anything like mario golf on the gbc when I was a kid, I'll love it.

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