(GBA / Game Boy Advance)

Mario vs. Donkey Kong (GBA / Game Boy Advance)

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Mario vs. Donkey Kong is an action-puzzle game that places you in the shoes of Mario as you attempt to recover toys that were stolen by Donkey Kong.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong branches the theme out into a toy story/factory setting where Mario must rescue toy versions of himself stolen by Donkey Kong by using all sorts of platform hopping and switch flipping skills.

At the end of a world's set of challenges, Mario must lead his collected toys like lemmings back to the toychest... a unique challenge new to the series. There are also boss battle challenges as well as extras that get unlocked as players leap through the areas collecting absolutely everything

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

A worthy successor

The Mario vs. Donkey Kong series has been going for quite a while now, with four entries under its belt. If you've never played the original, you'd be forgiven for thinking that it's not much more than a fun Lemmings clone, but that's actually not true.In...

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marioman said:

Yay , so glad that it's on the ambassador program , I love this game on the gba. I played it on my cousins gba before I had any Nintendo handhelds or consoles, happy to have it as my own



LittleIrves said:

Whoa... so the title screen music is the theme of SMB and DK, combined?? Awesomeness.

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