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Densetsu no Stafi (GBA / Game Boy Advance)

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Help Stafi recapture the evil Ogura and restore peace to the underwater kingdom?

One beautiful day deep under the sea in Pufftop Palace, little Stafi is moving things around his house when he accidentally tips over the Magic Jar. The Magic Jar, containing the evil Ogura, drops into the ocean. All of a sudden, a treacherous thunderstorm shakes the kindgom and break the Magic Jar open, freeing Ogura from his prison and allowing him to once again wreak havoc on the underwater kingdom.

Now it's up to Stafi to track down Ogura and recapture him before it's ultimately too late. Using his various spin moves, Stafi must traverse the levels in the game helping out various sea creatures in an effort to locate Ogura. He'll also have to occasionally face off against one of Ogura's evil minions as well.


  • Unique underwater platforming game play
  • Puzzle solving elements
  • A host of fun game play moves at Stafi's disposal
  • Unique underwater boss fights

Can you help Starfy find Ogura before it's too late?

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USA USA Version

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Densetsu no Stafi kicks the series off in grand style.

Before the Densetsu no Stafi series made an appearance on Nintendo's DS system, it started off with three amazing Game Boy Advance releases. The game creatively combined platforming elements with underwater puzzle solving game play to form one of the most...

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