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Dragon Crystal (GG / Game Gear)

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Imagine a glowing magic crystal.

As you gaze into it, an intense force pulls you in and causes a black out. You pinch yourself, but you don't wake up. You're caught in a fantastic world of unearthly beauty and deadly demons. Here, countless evil forces confront you. Your only ally is your loyal pet dragon.

Blaze a trail through the treacherous labyrinths of four magic kingdoms - collecting weapons, armor, magic books, potions, rods and rings as you go. Fend off enormous insects, monstrous centepedes and sneaky sand sharks.

Pass through 30 worlds in search of the Magic Goblet. There's no way out of this musical nightmare... until you find it.

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Posted by Patrick Elliot

Manageable masochism

For a system known for its incredible appetite for AA batteries, the Game Gear makes quite a strange home for the hardcore, permadeath-filled roguelike Dragon Crystal. With absolutely no save option or password system, the game must have caused some...

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FantasiaWHT said:

I had this on the Master System not too long ago. It's fun if you like roguelikes, but like roguelikes, it's rare that you get a random setup that will actually allow you to beat the game.



iBazly said:

I absolutely love this game and Fatal Labyrinth. Though the fact that they never actually released Fatal Labyrinth on the Wii VC makes me concerned this will never come out. I got FL on Steam but this is likely my only chance at getting this game. Come on Nintendo, love me



Betagam7 said:

Actually the game does have a story, it's a little bit inspired by The Neverending Story with your character going into a bookshop and getting sucked into the world inside a book.
Dragon Crystal has been a firm favourite of mine since the GG days. I have it on one of those little portable GG clones Argos were selling a while back and would pick up the MS version too if I find it.
It's better than Fatal Labryth too...it should be as it's a sequel, albeit for an inferior format.



Xron11 said:

Great game, I suggest you download if you have a 3ds and an internet connection.

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