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Shinji Mikami, mastermind of the blockbuster franchise Resident Evil and the creator of the survival horror genre, takes control again re-inventing his original masterpiece. State of the art technology takes the series to a whole new level thanks to the most stunning graphics of any game created. Motion-captured animation and richly detailed graphics, such as rooms that illuminate with real time lightning from a thunder storm and windows that show reflections and shadows, truly make this Resident Evil come alive.

A secluded mansion in Racoon City has been the centre of top secret biotech experiments funded by a mysterious corporation known only as Umbrella. When contact with the scientists at the mansion is broken and reports of gory attacks come in from nearby areas two Special Tactics and Rescue Squads (S.T.A.R.S.), comprising of Bravo and Alpha teams are sent to investigate. Bravo team vanishes almost immediately with Alpha team being chased into the foreboding mansion by a pack of monstrous creatures.

Taking control of sharp shooting Alpha team member Chris Redfield or demolitions expert Jill Valentine, players of Resident Evil embark on a horrific quest through the dark and mysterious mansion filled with acid spitting zombies, giant spiders, mutant dogs and other equally deformed creatures. Thankfully a number of items can be claimed throughout the adventure from weapons such as shotguns, pistols, knives and bazookas to defeat the grizzly hordes along with medicine to heal any wounds and maps to provide a guide through the myriad of corridors.

Capcom is pleased to announce the following new features to Resident Evil:

  • Unmatched visual appeal - Resident Evil visually surpasses any game ever created on any system. Players will see that simple objects such as the spinning of a fan blade are shown in tremendous detail with both light sourcing and shadow effects. The number of polygons per character far exceeds current standards.
  • Fully updated combat system - Resident Evil allows players to attack not only with a gun, but use other items both as weapons and protection. At times players will be forced to make split second decisions over whether to use their gun or another item in order to escape a particular situation. A correct choice and players will survive.
  • New stages - Resident Evil will include new areas to explore adding new story items to the overall plot and furthering the visual appeal.
  • More features to be announced - As development continues, Capcom will announce more details that add new dimensions to the Resident Evil universe.

"Shinji Mikami's goal in developing Resident Evil for the GameCube was to achieve visuals of the same level to those in cinema and create more suspense and fear than the original," said David Miller, marketing director, Capcom Eurosoft. "With so many additions, those millions of Resident Evil fans around the world will be awestruck when they see its latest incarnation on GameCube. We look forward to bringing the entire series to Gamecube so gamers can enjoy all the Resident Evil titles on the system."

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Posted by Trevor Chan

Possibly the best in the series

In many ways, the GameCube remake of Resident Evil marks a return to where it all began. The original PlayStation release popularised the budding horror survival genre, and the events that took place at the mansion were, for a time, at the centre of the...

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