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An ancient clan... a stone casket... broken by demons to release the dark king...

An epic quest for magic crystals... stolen shards of earth, wind, fire and water... the dragon of darkness... a secret passage to the tower of mystery... the weird Dr. Normal's flying machine... Layla, who hunts by submarine... Prince Theo... love... courage... wisdom... the Sword of Hope... stolen and brought home again.

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Posted by Philip J Reed

The great black and white hope

Poor Prince Theo. Not only is his first game still unavailable in the eShop, but his second adventure begins with all of his previous hard work being undone, an evil spirit being set free by would-be grave robbers, the Sword of Hope being stolen, and a...

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TheDreamingHawk said:

I was hoping for the first one to be the one to debut on the 3DS, but this will do. I never knew there was a sequel!

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