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Take your Nintendo DS into the Operating Room!

Trauma Center: Under the Knife lets YOU play doctor, performing increasingly complex surgeries. At first it's just another day in the O.R., but when a mysterious outbreak sweeps the area, the patients' lives are in your hands-no pressure.

The stylus will be your scalpel as you make incisions, anesthetize problem areas, remove tumors, monitor vital signs, apply bandages, and more! Of course, you'll also have to deal with human drama between appointments. Keep a cool head, or you'll be out on the street (and all those years of medical school for nothing).

  • Feel the pressure of each tense, challenging operation!
  • Operate on a wide variety of patients in story mode, then return later and try to beat your high scores!
  • Experience a compelling story with intriguing characters!
  • Use your applied skills to solve the puzzle of each surgery!
  • Detailed graphics bring the human body to life

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Posted by Paul Catlin

Get prepped for surgery, stat!

Trauma Centre is one of those games that I never imagined would become a game. You play as a new, rookie surgeon. That's right, a doctor! Using the touch screen, you perform a variety of surgeries on all sorts of patients. From burning away tumors, to...

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Trauma Centre, the latest quirk-fest title comes to European Nintendo DS' in April.

Nintendo have today revealed details about its latest "surgery-simulator", Trauma Centre: Under The Knife. The game which allows the player to become a leading surgeon and perform operations! "Become the next emergency room super-star as you take on the role of rookie doctor Derek Stiles in Trauma Centre: Under..

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NintendoFreak said:

i have the wii version , so i dont have a need for BUYING this game...getting it as a GIFT would be nice though




The DS version is better as its more direct and tactile IMHO. One of the hardest games on the DS and Wii

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