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Time Hollow details the repercussions of meddling with the past and the ramifications it can have on the present.

The game revolves around a young student called Horo Tokio, on the eve of his 17th birthday, who wakes up to find himself in a reality whereupon his parents went missing twelve years ago. Clasping a mysterious pen in his hand, Horo discovers his parents have been removed from time by an unknown entity, but discovers the pen has the ability to create time tunnels to varying points in his past.

This unique setting allows the players to alter elements in the past to help return the timelines to normal. For instance, if someone close to Horo is killed, he can use the pen to go back to a point where he can alter circumstances to prevent their death. The pen also offers an incredible level of precision and, using the DS stylus to draw around a person or item of interest, the player can find out about its history. However, Horo can only tinker with time so much, before events are changed too much and the game ends.

Featuring cut-scenes developed by the renowned Anima International Company, Time Hollow takes the player on an epic and engrossing journey, where every action has a domino effect on others. The result is a deep and enjoyable action/adventure title that will constantly surprise the player.

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Posted by Kim Wild

Time travel has never been so complicated

Ever since the launch of the Nintendo DS console, the format has been heralded as a great way to bring out adventure games to make use of the stylus as a mouse substitute. In many ways this has borne fruit, with releases like Another Code, Hotel Dusk and...

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