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Based on the popular simulation game series, Theme Park will allow players to create, manage, and develop their own fun-filled park, packed with amazing rides, enticing shops and engaging sideshows, all via an intuitive Touch Screen interface.

“Theme Park is one of EA’s long standing properties, and we are excited to breathe new life into the series by bringing it to the NDS platform for the first time ever,” said Stan Chow, General Manager of EA Japan Studio and Executive Producer of Theme Park. “Taking advantage of the unique controls in the NDS, we are able to create an easy-to-pick-up game that offers the experience of creating and managing your own park to audiences of all age and gender. The game will have the depth to satisfy fans of the series, and also be accessible to lighter and new gamers with its user-friendly controls.”

“We are in a unique position to develop compelling new games that appeal to consumers worldwide by combining EA’s proven global IP with the expertise of EA Japan Studio in the NDS platform. Theme Park will be the first title out of the studio for international release, and we look forward to delighting gamers with this new offering,” said Jon Niermann, President, EA Asia Publishing.

Developed by Tokyo-based EA Japan Studio, the game will deliver all the fun of the popular Theme Park franchise in the most accessible format for seasoned gamers and first-time gamers alike. The game is slated for release in Spring 2007.

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Posted by Sammy Barker

Resurrected from the PC original released in 1994, Theme Park on the Nintendo DS places you as the designer, developer and manager in a realistic and believable finance-based simulator.

Created by video game legend Peter Molyneux, Theme Park has a very simple concept on the surface but when you persevere with the title you will find there is a great amount of intricate detail and depth to explore.The game plays very similar to the...

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