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The famed Super Robot Taisen franchise comes to DS!

Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier is a unique sci-fi, fantasy RPG that takes place in the "Endless Frontier," where different worlds are separated with barrier-like "dimensional walls."

With a mixture of traditional JRPG gameplay elements and fastpaced, action-packed combat not unlike the very best fighting game, Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier manages to deliver the kind of grand RPG experience fans of the series have come to expect, while offering a multitude of new and exciting gameplay mechanics that are sure to appeal to franchise newcomers.


  • Fighting-style combat - Combo attack your enemies and never let them hit the ground to deal the most damage. This unique "juggling"gameplay and timing-based attacks keep every encounter fresh and exciting, unlike most RPGs.
  • Story intended for mature RPG gamers - intended for the more seasoned, older gamers, the story includes more nuanced, complex characters and manages to mix drama, romance, and humor to great effect.

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Corbs said:

There you go slapshot82. We'll get a review up as soon as we can.



Slapshot said:

Sweet..... That was really really fast. Im goin to buy this now just for you Corbie (soon as I find it locally that is). Hope you have fun reviewing this one or Im goin to give myself a -7 for sure!



sirgrim said:

It's a pretty good game. The fights are a little different, the dialog can be hilarious and there's plenty of bouncing umm, features?

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