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On a quest to track down her father, Anna enlists a guide to take her to her father's last known stop on his expedition.

Ben and Anna must work together as a team to continue moving forward. The two of them must move stones and create pathways through each level while avoiding becoming stuck.

Collect clues among the ruins as you solve the clever puzzles to lead Ben and Anna through Puzzle Expedition!

  • 90 LEVELS! (Plus 10 bonus levels!)
  • No time limit for solving each puzzle
  • Use blocks, switches, and teleports to complete each puzzle
  • Clever puzzles to test your strategy skills
  • Help Anna & Ben in this problem-solving adventure!

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USA USA Version

Posted by Zach Kaplan

Worth the climb

Few would argue that the DS lacks a robust library of puzzlers, and fewer still would suggest that in separating the wheat from the chaff, a PC port that retails for under 20 dollars and carried the label "Premium Casual Games" in its original...

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