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One day a mischievous wizard came up with a mysterious invention called "Ghost Ink."With this Ghost Ink, the wizard was able to create Ghosts by simply drawing them.These trickster Ghosts began jumping into pictures and books, pulling pranks, causinghavoc around the world.

Our hero, Pac-Man, rushed to defeat them with his mighty Magic Pen - the only weaponeffective to defeat these Ghosts, and locked all the Ghosts inside a book. But before hecould turn the Ghosts back into the Ghost Ink, he was also captured within a piece ofpaper!

You must now take over Pac-Man's quest to defeat the mischievous Ghosts. Use thestylus to draw Pac-Man, control his movements to eat up all the Ghosts on the screen.Travel from the lower to the upper screen to collect items and accumulate points. Canyou bring peace and quiet back to the world with the Magic Pen?

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by Thomas Bowskill

Draw Pac-Man, move him and gobble as many ghoulies as possible in this DS adventure.

We all remember Pac-Man as being one of those highly addictive early games that you still play to this day. Recently he has been going through some changes, there are now several 3D adventures and a Mrs Pac-Man ;). Pac-Pix sees Pac-Man back on a 2D plain...

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