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Posted by Stuart Reddick

Who knew Little Red Riding Hood was so much fun?

At Nintendo Life, we very much doubted that anyone expected a great deal from Little Red Riding Hood’s Zombie BBQ. The title sounded like it would attract a very immature audience, and the box art didn't exactly inspire casual gamers to buy it either...

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News: EnjoyUp To Release Zombie BBQ on DSiWare in Europe

EnjoyUp To Release Zombie BBQ on DSiWare in Europe

DS retail release becomes a download-only version for Euro gamers

EnjoyUp Games has confirmed today that it is working with Gammick Entertainment to release its shooter title Little Red Riding Hood Zombie BBQ on DSiWare in Europe. The game was previously only available in North America (and some parts of Europe) as a fully-fledged DS retail release. We reviewed it a while back and thoroughly..

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