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Certain to be one of the most innovative titles of 2009, Knights in the Nightmare is wholly unique. Not easily placed in any one genre, the game requires players to throw out everything they know about roleplaying and strategy games and embrace something altogether new and fresh.

Frantic, energetic action mixes with thoughtprovoking tactical gameplay, all within a beautifully-rendered fantasy setting and presented through a captivating, emotional narrative. Dripping with style and originality, Knights in the Nightmare delivers an unforgettable experience.

  • An experience unlike any before it - Incorporating strategy RPG, real-time strategy, and shooter elements, you're never experienced a game like this. Control a Wispp with your stylus and activate the souls of deceased knights to aid you in destroying foes on the map. Enemies fire bullets in multiple directions, making it vital for players to master the unique touch controls.
  • Over 100 playable characters - Find and recruit the ghosts of seven different classes of knights from your kingdom, and learn of their pasts, hopes, dreams, and untimely deaths. Sacrifice their souls to one another to balance their skills and create your ultimate party.
  • A tale from two perspectives - This twice-told legend entangles you in a dark and brooding tale that is simultaneously examined through events both past and present. Complete the adventure to unlock the ability to play through the game with a new narrative twist, placing the antagonist in the starring role.

It's an RPG experience unlike anything you've ever experienced before!

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Posted by Christopher Clark

Strategy-RPG goes bullet-hell in this unique and thoroughly demanding game

Let me put a word to you, folks: hardcore. That's right, hardcore. It's a word used to describe something overwhelmingly tough or resilient, something that crosses a perceived threshold of difficulty and endurance and reaches a level that few others can...

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sirgrim said:

Can't wait for my shipment of this one to arrive. Amazon is being extremely slow. For us that pre-ordered it we get a schwanky art book that looks awesome.

Be prepared for a large learning curve, followed by one of the most hardcore games in a while.

Not sure if your metacritic is working, it's up there. Here



Corbs said:

Thanks for the Metacritic link. It's up now. And I've contacted Atlus so we won't let these slip through the cracks again.

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