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History - Great Empires: Rome is a classic, turn-based strategy game for the Nintendo DS. Take on the role of an Emperor, and guide your fledgling nation to greatness.

You are destined to become the ruler of the known world, but you'll have to employ subtle diplomacy, economic might, and the sword to topple competing governments and tribes.

Capture cities, build buildings, and collect resources strategically to raise the strongest army. Oversee battles with hundreds of troops, like the famed legionairres.


  • Play more than 20 tribes from the period of the Roman Empire
  • Raise a personal army - choose the best unit type for the job
  • Deep battle strategy, with squad management, orders, and troop formations
  • Buildings, city upgrades, and recruitment strategies shape your growing empire
  • Diplomatic relations, including treaties, neutral nations, and formal declarations of war
  • 4 Roman-themed mini-games for quick play

Game was developed in conjunction with A&E's History Channel.

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