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Available for the first time ever on Nintendo DS™, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi: Genie & the Amp follows the fantastic adventures of two very cool pop stars from Cartoon Network’s animated rock series Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi. The girls are way behind in recording their new album because they’ve tripped over a massive writer’s block. Luckily, they discover a genie behind a dusty amplifier who helps them battle across 10 unique time periods such as Ancient Rome and the Wild Wild West, to gain the musical notes needed to play the ultimate world tour. Fans will play as Ami or Yumi as they use their skills to solve challenging puzzles, battle scary enemies and unlock fun mini-games in single player mode or multiplayer cooperative mode for up to two players via the wireless feature for Nintendo DS.


  • Battle Across 10 Unique Time Periods – Players will “rock” across fascinating time periods in history such as the Dinosaur Age and Ancient China, as well as eras unique to the game and the Cartoon Network series such as Jungle Ki Ki and Manga Mayhem. The goal is to acquire the musical notes needed to play the ultimate world tour.
  • Play As Ami or Yumi – Experience the fantastic adventures of two very cool popstars and use their unique guitars and fighting abilities to solve puzzles and battle scary enemies.
  • Dual Screen Action – Use the top screen to experience the adventure and action. Use the bottom screen to strum your guitar and trigger special fighting moves.
  • Create-A-Combo Feature – Experience fun combat moves by using the Nintendo DS touch screen to play different notes that trigger unique combos.
  • Single Player or MutliplayerMultiplayer Gameplay Modes – Play through the game solo, or with up to 2 players using wireless cooperative mode.
  • Fun Collectibles – Collect ingredients and make sushi to upgrade the girls’ health, luck, attack power, or wealth.
  • Bonus Mini-Games – Play fun mini-games such as Crane Machine to win more money, stylish uniforms and view additional character models. Players can also search for a special football icon to unlock Gridiron Maiden, a football themed mini-game based on an episode from the Cartoon Network series.

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