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Flower, Sun and Rain is a puzzle game in which you play Sumio Mondo, a 'searcher'.

It's your job to help people with the various (and usually bizarre) problems they have by searching through your Hotel Guidebook for the relevant information and inputting it via Catherine, your briefcase computer. Sounds a bit weird? Well it's a game by Suda51, the creator of Killer7 and No More Heroes, so weird is to be expected.

This is a port from the Japanese PS2 game of the same name, and has ties to Suda51's old Playstation game "The Silver Case", which is also slated to appear on DS in Japan this year.

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Posted by Dan Carlisle

Flower? Nope. Sun? Very little. Rain? In buckets.

Flower, Sun and Rain is the first DS game from game director Goichi Suda, aka Suda51. It started life as a Japanese PS2 game, but it's been ported over to DS presumably to take advantage of the feature-rich console. Or so you'd think...Known by many as...

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