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Improve your English skills in a simple and fun way with English Training: Have Fun Improving Your Skills when it launches across Europe on Nintendo DS on 13th October 2006. It is perfect for anyone who hasn’t had the time, money or self-confidence to go on a course.

Following the recent success of Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training: How Old is Your Brain?, English Training: Have Fun Improving Your Skills is the latest title in Nintendo’s innovative Touch! Generations range – a selection of software that will appeal to people of all age groups, irrespective of gaming ability or experience. In addition, the title has been rated for difficulty under the TOEICÆ testing system. For more than 25 years,†the TOEIC test (,Test of English for International Communication™) developed by ETS, has been used by academic institutions, companies, and government agencies worldwide to measure the business English proficiency of nonnative speakers.

English Training: Have Fun Improving Your Skills successfully combines the innovative gaming functions of the Nintendo DS with a strong and effective educational learning tool – providing the perfect way to learn English without the hassle of attending classes. The Nintendo DS touch-screen is used to test writing skills and users are given various dictation exercises to transcribe into English using the stylus and touch-screen. After they have completed the task, the written phrase is analyzed and mistakes in spelling and grammar are then highlighted. The Nintendo DS’s voice-recognition function is also utilised when users are asked to read specific phrases aloud.

Depending on performance, users get ranked and all progress is recorded onto a progress chart through the game’s in-built calendar, allowing users to keep track of their development and see their improvement over time. Tests include English Training Competition, English Word Test Competition and Dictation Race Competition. The title also allows players to wirelessly share a demo version of English Training with other DS owners.

English Training: Have Fun Improving Your Skills goes on sale across Europe on 13th October 2006 at the estimated retails price of around £20.

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Hokori said:

I actually found this game in the US at a store, it's sooooo weird



Poketendo said:

It's decent if you know absolutely nothing about English. My problem with it is that it only teaches you phrases, you don't get any info on how things like grammar work. I did play a bit of this as a kid, but soon enough I learned enough English from my surroundings that I didn't need this game anymore. Couple that with rather shallow and limited gameplay options and the game isn't very memorable. Decent, but not great.

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