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Crime Lab: Body of Evidence is a single player adventure-puzzle game for DS/DSi that challenges players to stop a killer before he strikes again.

Playing as FBI agent Nicole Bonnet, players must gather evidence and clues hidden within more than 300 puzzles and riddles made up of hidden object puzzle and mini-game formats. Additional features include over 60 fully rendered, detailed locations, FBI crime lab tools and DSi specific functionality.

Young FBI agent Nicole Bonnet receives a mysterious package. Inside she finds a complicated mechanism that appears to be a message from a serial killer. This is just the beginning of an epic duel of minds between Nicole and the ruthless murderer, who leaves playing cards by the bodies of his victims as signature. Bonnet will have to use all her wits to solve the case and stop the killer before he strikes again. Does she have what it takes to understand the mind of a psychopath, as complicated as his puzzles?

  • An all-new adventure starring FBI agent Nicole Bonnet.
  • Perfect mix of handheld adventure, hidden object and logic puzzle gaming.
  • Over 300 puzzles and riddles.
  • An elaborated Hidden Object mode offering 16 levels.
  • Over 60 fully rendered, detailed locations.
  • Over 40 enjoyable mini-games.
  • Elements created especially for Nintendo DS, including DSi specific functionality.

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Posted by Henry Stockdale

A scene worth investigating

The DS has been a popular platform for graphic adventure games in its lifetime thanks to its touchscreen interface, seeing a number of great titles such as Hotel Dusk: Room 215 & Time Hollow. This time around we have Crime Lab: Body of Evidence, a new...

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